Bowers Learning to Dominate

Bowers Learning to Dominate


Bowers Learning to Dominate


Junior defensive end DaQuan Bowers is having a dominant season so far in 2010.  This week his play will be critical if the Tigers hope to beat Miami.

DaQuan knows the Tigers will play another top quarterback when the face Harris.

“He has a great arm.  He likes to sit back in the pocket and throw the ball.  The defensive line needs to put pressure on him to rattle him a bit so he doesn’t have all day to sit back and throw the ball,” said Bowers.

DaQuan knows Saturday’s matchup will be special.

“They have a tradition and history of being a good team.  There is a lot of excitement built around this game.  Our team is excited and I know some of the guys down there that I played with in the All-American game.  They are excited about it.  They are a little upset that we chose them for our homecoming game, but I think it will be a great matchup,” said Bowers.

DaQuan likes the fact that the Tigers are considered the underdog in the game.

“I like being the underdog.  Coach Swinney says it all of the time.  You don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain.  It gives you a different mindset coming into the game,” said Bowers.

Why is DaQuan playing so much better this season?

“Just coming at it with a totally different mindset.  Maturing over the last three years.  Coming in with the goals I set for myself in the offseason and my team goals.  My teammates are depending on me every single play just like I am dependent on those guys.  The maturing process was hard for me because I didn’t take it as serious as I should have.  After sitting down and talking with my father and some more coaches I decided to take a different approach,” said Bowers.

Did you understand what it took to be a dominant player?

“I didn’t understand what it took to be a dominant player.  I didn’t understand what I had to do to be a dominant player.  I would cut corners.  I wouldn’t want to condition and lift weights hard.  I took the easy way out.  I took it upon myself this offseason to do all of the things the right way.  I do believe it is showing in my favor,” said Bowers.

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