Gilchrist: "Just 4 of 12"

Gilchrist: "Just 4 of 12"


Gilchrist: "Just 4 of 12"


Clemson starting cornerback Marcus Gilchrist knows he will be challenged Saturday when Miami brings a talented group of receivers to the Valley.

“I think so. This Miami team is one that is known for having a lot of skill from the skill players at DB and receiver. This year there is not change in that. They have a core group of guys that are older and smarter,” said Gilchrist.

With Miami coming to town is there a little more excitement?

“I think it is one of those things that when you grow up as a child it seems very exciting, but now that you are older we try to look at it as just our next game. Right now it is just 4 out of 12. That is the way we try to look at it. We try not to make the game any bigger or smaller than it needs to be,” said Gilchrist.

The Tigers have put the bye week to good use.

“Of course. We watched the film and sat down and worked on the positives and negatives. We tried to gain some positives and move forward,” said Gilchrist.

Watch Marcus discuss the bye week, Miami’s offense, Harris and much more!


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