Jarrett Visits Death Valley

Jarrett Visits Death Valley


Jarrett Visits Death Valley


By Keith McGonigle.

Grady Jarrett, the Rockdale County High School defensive tackle, took in the Miami game at Death Valley last weekend and like most Tigers fans was disappointed to see the loss.

“The game was fun, and the stadium was packed.  It was a tough game, I think they beat themselves with dropped balls, and some holes in the coverage, they’ll get it though,” said Jarrett.

The standout defensive lineman, who is verbally committed to Clemson, met up with some of his future teammates at the game.

“I said ‘hey’ to DeShawn Williams, Cortez Davis, and saw a couple of other guys, Robert Smith, Phillip Dukes.”  Grady said he is also good friends with 2011 verbal commit RB Marlin Lane.

The 6’1 ½” 280 lbs. lineman said he’s playing well.

“I have a whole bunch of tackles for loss so far,” said Jarrett.

 Currently Grady runs around a 5.0-5.1 in the 40 yard dash, benches 380 lbs, squats 550 lbs. and cleans 315 lbs.  Grady has set some goals for himself by the time he graduates.

“I would like to drop .2 in the 40, bench 410 lbs. squat 600,” said Jarrett.

What does Grady like to do when he is not playing football? 

 “I like to play basketball and other sports and just hang out with friends, maybe play some video games.  I also like water sports,” replied Jarrett.

Grady recently got a scholarship offer from NC State, but is still strongly committed to Clemson and says most teams have respected the fact that he is committed to Clemson and have stopped contacting him.  Grady plans on majoring in biology/ pre-med when he gets to Clemson.



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