Townsend Leaving South Carolina?

Townsend Leaving South Carolina?


Townsend Leaving South Carolina?


Lateek Townsend, one of the top linebackers in the Southeast, visited Clemson to watch the Tigers battle the Canes.

“I got to the game right when it started.  It was pretty hot.  I couldn’t see very good.  There wasn’t too much I can say about the game,” said Townsend.

The prize recruit said turnovers doomed the Tigers.

“When two good teams are playing like that it comes down to turnovers.  You can’t turn the ball over.  When you do you have to score.  Miami just capitalized on what they needed to,” said Townsend.

Lateek didn’t get a chance to talk with the Clemson coaches since he arrived late.

“I didn’t get a chance to talk to the coaches,” said Townsend.

When asked about his current favorites, Townsend responded, “I am pretty much open.  I kind of think right now I might leave the state.”

Which out of state schools are at the top of the list right now?

“It would be LSU, Florida and Southern California,” replied Townsend.

Why do the out of state schools appeal to Lateek?

“I didn’t grow up a fan of either in-state school.  Sometimes you just want to get away.  I have to find the best fit for me.  I am fortunate to be able to pick the school that is best for me.  It doesn’t matter if it is in-state or out of state.  I am going to college to help me get to the next level.  I want to go where they can help me get to the NFL and get drafted,” replied Townsend.

The announcement time hasn’t changed for the top linebacker.

“I still plan to make my announcement at the US Army game,” said Townsend.

Lateek is off to a good start to his senior season. 

“I have 69 tackles, a few forced fumbles and about six sacks,” said Townsend.


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