Opportunity Arrives for McNeal

Opportunity Arrives for McNeal


Opportunity Arrives for McNeal


Red-shirt sophomore BrYce McNeal came to Clemson all the way from Minnesota.  Saturday he will get his first chance to start for the Tigers and he looks forward to the opportunity.

“Every player on this team waits for their opportunity.  The big thing is to make sure you are ready to take advantage of your opportunity and make the best of it,” said McNeal.

Is it frustrating knowing that you are only a few plays away from being 4-0 and a top 10 team?

“Our team realized that it is hard to win with six turnovers.  We are 2-2 and we kind of shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times.  We are 2-2 for a reason.  I’m not really sure but God has us 2-2 for a reason.  We dug ourselves a hole and now we have to climb out of it,” said McNeal.

What do the new starters need to do to?

“We just want to play faster and make the plays.  That is the bottom line,” said McNeal.

Watch BrYce discuss his first start with the Tigers.



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