Harper Looking for Bounce Back

Harper Looking for Bounce Back


Harper Looking for Bounce Back


Clemson junior running back Jamie Harper knows the team must bounce back and get the first ACC win of the year Saturday.  Jamie knows the linebackers for the Heels will be a big challenge.

“There main players are their two linebackers, their SAM and WILL.  We are going to have to make plays on those guys,” said Harper.

Jamie doesn’t expect a lot of blitzes from the Heels.

“They don’t blitz that much, but you never  know.  They have that defensive coordinator that was at Georgia Tech.  C.J. use to talk about all of the blitzes that they threw at him.  You never know,” said Harper.

Jamie got to run the wildcat for the first time Saturday against Miami.

“I liked it.  It was a kind of little different.  You have to get used to it.  It would have been better if they had respected three.  It wasn’t really meant to break it,” said Harper.

Does Jamie expect to be out wide playing receiver more in the offense?

“Its not like Jamie you have better hands so you go out there.  Its just the way the offense runs.  We get our running backs into it a lot everywhere on the field.  I like it.  As long as it is helping the team and I get an opportunity,” replied Harper.

Watch Jamie discuss the Miami loss, the upcoming matchup with the Heels and much more!



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