McDaniel: "Big plays costing us big"

McDaniel: "Big plays costing us big"


McDaniel: "Big plays costing us big"


Senior safety DeAndre McDaniel says the Tigers are working hard to correct the mistakes in the secondary that have given up easy touchdowns.

“That is something we stress every week, trying to eliminate the big plays.  Now it feels like it is hurting us every week.  It is costing us.  It is costing us big.  We are going to try correct it and once we do we will be a great defense,” said McDaniel.

DeAndre says the Tigers are working to improve communication so that everyone is in the right position.

“It is just communication.  We have to communicate a little bit more.  We do a lot of communicating in the game, but sometimes we don’t do as much as we need to.  We are going to continue to try to practice that and get everybody in the right position during the game,” said McDaniel.

DeAndre knows the Tigers will face a talented offense on Saturday.

“Oh yeah, we know.  We have been going over it all week.  T.J. Yates has been playing good every week.  He has been playing pretty good football.  70 percent pass completions and only one interception.  You can’t beat that,” said McDaniel.

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