Hard Work Pays Off for Rally Cats

Hard Work Pays Off for Rally Cats


Hard Work Pays Off for Rally Cats


By Nicole Smith.

Homecoming weekend had its ups and its downs for the students at Clemson University. The ‘ups’ consisted of a great outcome and show at Tigerama, and the ‘downs’ consisted of the loss against the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday, October 3rd. As for the Rally Cats, our homecoming weekend was a huge success!

             After having rehearsals everyday last week, Homecoming weekend kicked off on Friday with Tigerama. Although we were all super anxious and nervous before it was our time to perform, we ended up putting all of our nerves aside when we stepped onto the dance floor. All three of our dances looked spectacular and very well rehearsed and the crowd seemed to really enjoy each dance. The dance that people seemed to enjoy the most was the dance that we ended our performance with, Hip Hop. This routine really got the crowd pumped up, excited and left them wanting to see more. As soon as we hit our last ending pose, we were all out of breath, excited, relieved, and exhausted, but we were so happy with how all the dances went, we decided to pump the crowd up even more by yelling out the cadence count. This got the crowd even more excited to watch the Clemson Tigers play their hearts out against Miami.

            As Saturday morning rolled around, the Rally Cats were up early participating in the usual pregame events. As the pregame parade entered the stadium, all of the Clemson fans were louder than ever and ready for kickoff! The adrenaline between us Rally Cats was running high during the first half of the game; we were showing spirit with every chance we got and we were nailing all of our sidelines, with the excitement from the crowd and the field filling each of us with energy. As the second half came, the energy from the crowd was decreasing, but we did everything in our power to get the crowd to continue cheering on our Tigers. Even though the outcome of the game was not what we wanted to see, the Rally Cats were still so proud of the football team for trying hard till the very end. The Rally Cats plan on joining together this weekend and cheering on Clemson in front of our televisions as they take on Chapel Hill this Saturday at 3:30pm!

            As for our practices this past week and next week, we are spending our time perfecting our dance technique, learning more sidelines, and preparing for the start of basketball season, which is just around the corner! We have a lot of exciting events to prepare for this year and we like to work hard at each practice because we saw from Tigerama, hard work really does pay off!



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