Kyle Parker Post-Game

Kyle Parker Post-Game


Kyle Parker Post-Game


By Gray Gardner.

Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker answered questions from the media after his Tigers lost 21-16 in Chapel Hill Saturday afternoon.

Q: How do you think the offense did today?

A: “I think the receivers played better. We threw and caught the ball a little bit better. We just need to put it together. I think the biggest thing was we had chances to keep drives going and we didn’t really do it. They weren’t letting us bust off that 70, 80 yard run or really big gains.”

Q: How do you respond after a tough loss like this?

A: “We’re not going to give up, obviously. Everyone’s still got a lot of fight and enjoys playing the game so we’re going to have to come out here and play well to get this thing turned around.”

Q: It seemed like last week you could run the ball but you had trouble in the passing game. Today you passed the ball better but couldn’t seem to run the ball. Is it frustrating that you can’t really point the blame on one aspect of the offense?

A: “There’s really not (one thing to blame it on, rushing or passing) and I think that it is the most frustrating thing. I also think the thing is, you put yourself in a position to win the game 3 weeks in a row and you don’t win. It’s tough to come back from that and especially after letting yourself down, letting the fans down in that fashion. Our guys are not going to give up, they’re going to keep fighting and keep putting in the work and doing all we can to be successful.”

Q: Dabo said the loss was his fault tonight. How do you respond as a player to your coach taking all the blame?

A: “I think the biggest thing is being accountable. There’s a lot of things that us as players have to be accountable for and that we can do better to make his job a little easier. And obviously, like he said, there’s probably some things that he thinks he can do better to put us in a situation to win. But whenever you look at the losses, you know, were not getting out there and really feeling like we’re really physically getting dominated. You get out there, you play good football, and a couple of plays you just blow it. That’s what we really need to correct in order for us to turn this thing around.”

Q: Do you think just winning one game will help this team get out of this funk?

A: “Without a doubt we need to get in a rhythm and get on a roll and it gets a lot easier when you don’t have to come out here and deal with failure so many times in a row. It’s frustrating and you start questioning what you’re doing so we just need to keep sticking to what we’re doing and correct a couple of little things and we’ll be alright.”



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