The Shaq Diaries - Still All In

The Shaq Diaries - Still All In


The Shaq Diaries - Still All In


By Shaq Anthony.

Clemson verbal commitment Shaq Anthony, one of the leaders of the 2010 recruiting class, is doing a diary with  In this edition Shaq discusses coach Swinney, the Tigers loss to UNC and how he is still All In with the Tigers.

Last week we had homecoming. We won 58-6.  We were ready to play.  We came out and executed.   We are 2-1 in the region and 5-2 overall. 

We are ready to play Boiling Springs this week.  They have a good team.  They are not a team to take lightly.

I graded out at 92. I did pretty well. I always critique myself.  You can always improve.  I want to improve sitting in my hips a little bit.

I got a chance to watch Clemson.  I flipped back and forth between that game and the South Carolina Alabama game.   A lot of people say the coach should do this or that.  We can all sit on the outside and say that, but at the end of the day they do what they feel is right.  I feel bad for Dabo because they have lost three close games.  They should have beaten Auburn, Miami and North Carolina and they should be undefeated.  I was impressed that he took all of the responsibility after the game.  That is a good to see in a coach when he takes the blame for his team.  They you heard Bowers and others say after the game that it wasn’t the coaches fault, that the players need to do their jobs.

I am just hoping that Clemson fans will stay behind Dabo.  I know he will bring the team back up.  Something will get going for Clemson.  Something will light the fire.  It was like when we lost to Palmetto.  We just had to get back on our feet.

I will be there Saturday.  I was disappointed to hear it was at noon again.  I will get up at 7 and go on over there.  I go over and tailgate before the game.

I am going to be calling all of the recruits to make sure they stay with Clemson.  A lot of people start saying you should go to South Carolina now.  They just don’t understand.  They think just because we lose a few games that people are going to change.  I am now worried about our committed recruits.  They will stick with Clemson.  Some of them will see that they can come in and play right away.



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