Parker - Tigers Looking for Winning Feeling

Parker - Tigers Looking for Winning Feeling


Parker - Tigers Looking for Winning Feeling


Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker sees improvement from the young receivers.

“I think we played a whole lot better Saturday at the skill positions.  I think we did better with the pass.  Hopefully we can just keep improving.  There are still some plays that we can make.  As the season goes on and we try to improve in those areas we can mix up the calls and put a little more trust in those guys.  We will keep on working hard and try to take some positives out of every week and try to get this thing back on track,” said Parker.

How much would a win mean Saturday?

“We need to get some momentum.  It is tough whenever you lose and you throw three back to back to back.  It is really hard, especially seeing the way we lost.  It is definitely games that we should have won.  The biggest thing we are trying to do is just forget about it and turn this thing around and start winning.  If you look at the ACC the past couple of teams that have been in the ACC Champtionship have all had two losses.  There is still a lot of hope left and a lot of things on the table.  We are just trying to focus on this week and just win.  A lot of people are forgetting how that felt because it has been a while since we won.  We are just trying to get that feeling back,” said Parker.

Is it hard to remember the little things that it takes to win when you haven’t won in a while?

“The hardest thing is it makes you question the things that you are doing even if they are the right things.  They are a lot of the same approaches that we have taken to the game week that have been very successful.  The biggest thing is we can’t just abandon those and create something new.  We are doing a lot of the right things.  We just need to focus more on the little things and we will be alright,” said Parker.

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