Harper Handles Decision with Class

Harper Handles Decision with Class


Harper Handles Decision with Class


While some in the media this week tried to create a story about the coaching decision to get Andre Ellington more carries, Jamie Harper handled everything the same way he always has, with class.  It would be hard to find a better team player than Jamie Harper. 

“Andre has always been the leading carrier.  Last year doing the things he did.  This year him having more of the carries than I do it is definitely not a problem.  I am used to splitting carries.  Just being out there and having the opportunity is always what I look for.  As long as I’m on the field having the opportunity to do what I do I’m ok,” say Harper. 

Some may have forgotten the key drive that Jamie Harper led in the Music City Bowl to help the Tigers get the victory last December.  On that drive Jamie carried the ball every time except one quarterback sneak and led the Tigers on a long drive to put the game away. 

Jamie is one of the leaders for the 2010 Tigers.

“I try to get guys to follow you in the right direction.  We lost three in a row.  That is a bad streak to have.  We try to stay confident in what we are doing.  Everything is going to come together this Saturday,” said Harper.

After the Maryland loss last year everyone was searching for answers.  How is this year different?

“Saturday night and Sunday everybody was kind of talking like that looking for answers.  Monday we came in and it was a different demeanor.  It was like we know what we have to do.  We know we just need a little spark.  We will build off of that and get everything rolling,” said Harper.

Is Jamie seeing things on film that he can correct?

“For the Miami game I probably had a lot of answers for you.  For the last game me and coach Powell sat down and we drew some bad looks.  The defense kind of had a good call that play.  It was just bad luck I drew.  As far as fundamentally no.  I just need to keep running behind my pads and be the player I am capable of being,” said Harper.

Andre’s success provides motivation for Jamie.

“Oh yeah, when he breaks it its like coming up after the guy that hit the home run.  You want to do the same thing,” said Harper.

Watch Jamie discuss the loss to UNC, the staff’s decision to give Andre more carries and much more!


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