TCITV: Coach Billy Napier

TCITV: Coach Billy Napier


TCITV: Coach Billy Napier


Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier hopes the Tigers offense will continue to improve as the receivers gain experience and confidence.

What are coach Napier’s thoughts about having a balanced offense?

“You have to play to your strengths.  Given our personnel.  We have to play to our strengths.  Our experience up front, our tight end and fullback and our running back group.  Those are definitely some of our strengths.  We have to grow up a little outside and get better each week as we go along,” said Napier. 

Did the Tigers get away from to their strength against North Carolina?

“We just looked at the plays the other day.  We talked about how I think we had 27 rushes.  We had 14 plays in that game that were two minute or down by two scores plays.  So we really had 52 plays outside of that and 27 of those were runs.  So we were a little bit more than 50 percent run which was okay,” said Napier.

Billy was pleased with what he saw from true freshman DeAndre Hopkins.

“It is kind of what we expected.  What we have seen is every week he has gotten a little bit better and confidence.  He has a tone of ability.  His ball skills to go up and get a ball.  He is just a true freshman so he is only going to get better.  I think Kyle has a lot of confidence in him.  I think our players have confidence in him,” said Napier.

Watch coach Napier discuss the loss to UNC, the game against Maryland, his impressive freshman DeAndre Hopkins and much more!



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