Rally Cat Report - Basketball Kickoff

Rally Cat Report - Basketball Kickoff


Rally Cat Report - Basketball Kickoff


By Georgia Anderson.

I know we’ve all had football on our minds lately, but its time to kick-off basketball season in Clemson.  We’re doing just that tonight during Rock the John, which will take place at 8pm in Little John Coliseum. 

Fans will get a preview of the season as the men’s basketball team scrimmages against one another.  We will also meet our new head coaches, Brad Brownell and Itoro Coleman, as well as the players for both the men and women’s teams.   Adding to the night’s excitement, there will be an impressive display of dunking skills by the Air Elite Dunkers, quick performances by your Rally Cats and all-girl Cheerleaders, and several promotions and prizes up for grabs.  You won’t want to miss it!           

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Tigers as they’ve battled Auburn, Miami, and UNC, but we know they’ve got what it takes to deliver a smack down this weekend against Maryland.  It was SO awesome to see such a huge turnout in Death Valley’s last home game against Miami. 

While we did not get a victory, that kind of fan support for the team was incredible, and is something that I know Tiger fans will keep up for the rest of the season.  Seeing a packed stadium like that and hearing such a loud and energetic crowd is one of my favorite parts of being a Rally Cat.  We feed off of that kind of energy, and I’m sure the players do as well!  Nothing can compare with a packed house at Death Valley on a fall afternoon. 

Since kick-off is at noon this Saturday, we will be out and about bright and early.  Look for us during Tiger Walk, on the field for pre-game festivities, and outside of Little John Coliseum for the Radio Show. 

I’m as excited as ever to be out on the field this Saturday and just know we’re going to win this one!  So Tiger fans, come out and fill Death Valley with orange this Saturday as the Tigers defeat the Terps in Death Valley.



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