Dabo Quickly Turns the Page

Dabo Quickly Turns the Page


Dabo Quickly Turns the Page


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney held his Sunday night teleconference where he said the staff has quickly turned the page to Georgia Tech.

Opening Statement

We are getting ready for Georgia Tech.  We turned the page quickly today to stay on track.  Yesterday was a good team win.  We had good contribution in critical times from all three phases of the game.  I thought we grew up a lot.  We came out in the third quarter got a stop, then a punt return, then a drive.  We had one possession in the third quarter and it was a 24-7 game.  At that point you really want to take care of the ball and stay in control.

I am really proud of the guys. Tim told me most points Clemson has scored on a coach Friegden team and it was the largest margin of victory.  They had two weeks to get ready so I am proud of the job we did getting them ready for a confident Maryland team.

We didn’t have any turnovers and we got three.   We had a kickoff return for a touchdown and a big punt return.  Our punt team did a tremendous job. 

Our team played hard and played together.  They were excited for each other and that was good to see. 

We still have a lot of things we have to work on.  That is what we are working on today.  We had our staff meeting.

We are moving on to Georgia Tech.  We know what we have to do this week against a team that has had our number.  We have to continue to get better to have a chance to win.

Georgia Tech presents some problems with their option.  Do you plan on getting involved more with the defense this week or step back and let the guys do their jobs?

I try to be around on both sides as much as I can.  I do spend a little more time on the offense.  Yeah this week I will be over there and make sure I know what is going on and how we are going to try to defend them.  The biggest thing is it is not really overly complicated.  It is just a matter of being very, very disciplined for four quarters and doing you jobs.  You have to win the matchups.  We will get to work on them.  The good news is we have played these guys a bunch.  Obviously we played them twice last year.  We have a lot of guys back that have experience against them.  Our championship game wasn’t very good on defense.  We didn’t force them to punt and they didn’t force us to punt either so it was a crazy game. Hopefully we can do better this week.

Offensively it doesn’t look like it is a problem of the receivers getting open.  It looks like the receivers are open and they get a drop or the receivers are open and Kyle missed them.  How do you fix that?

I think it hurt us with Nuke going out because we are just now getting that good chemistry.  We didn’t really throw the ball a whole lot yesterday.  We had six drops in the game.  Kyle only threw the ball 20 times and we had six drops, two of them for touchdowns.  We had a chance to blow that game open with a couple of plays then all of a sudden he has played a really good game.  The receivers didn’t have a drop.  We had the tight ends have a couple of drops and the backs had a couple of drops.  Those are things that we just have to continue to work through and get in that rhythm that we won’t to have.  It will come.  The biggest thing is we got a win and those guys made enough big plays to put ourselves in position to win the game and then they were complimented by such a good kicking game.

When you go up 24-7 after the first possession of the third quarter.  Really to be honest with you if we could play them again we would throw the ball a lot more.  We tried to force the issue and play to our defense. I thought our defense played well down the stretch.

How much are you missing the vertical pass game?

Well we have to continue to work it.  I mean we did not do a whole lot yesterday.  Well on the first drive we have a big play.  Then we throw one down the middle to Dwayne Allen and we don’t make the play.  We have to get Jaron Brown more involved.  He is a guy that has the ability.  We went up top to him for 20 yard gain on the opening drive of third quarter.  He is a guy that we have to get involved more and make sure he is getting some touches.  We will do a better job of that.

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day the way the game was playing out.  With not a lot of offense in the third quarter you go up 24-7.  It was a three score game and we felt like we had good control over it.  Not having any turnovers was a big factor.

Clemson didn’t have a lot of success running the ball.  Is that a function of what they were doing or do you want to see more improvement from your guys?

It was a big function of what they were doing.  No doubt about that.  They were selling out.  They do a lot of unusual things.  We knew that going into it.  They had some things that we practiced against and we did a really good job of it.  They had some new wrinkles that got us.  To be honest we probably should have thrown more.  There were a lot of things there in the passing game, but we played pretty conservative after that opening drive on the third quarter.  We got real conservative and I didn’t have any problem with that.

Any injury updates?

We are in pretty good shape.  I am anxious to see Nuke out there tomorrow.  I think he is good to go.  But I think everybody should be fine.


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