Leggett: Tigers Motivated for Return Trip

Leggett: Tigers Motivated for Return Trip


Leggett: Tigers Motivated for Return Trip


Clemson head coach Jack Leggett gave an exclusive interview to TheClemsonInsider.com this weekend as the Tigers completed fall practice.  Coach Leggett is pleased with what he has seen from his team this fall as practices ended this weekend with the Orange Purple series.

“For the most part I think we are starting to pull our team together and figure out who can do what.  We have had some guys injured coming into the fall so we haven’t had a chance to see our total team out there together in one group.  With class schedules and all it is hard to get them all together, but on the weekends we can do a little better job of that.  I like the way we look offensively.  I think we have a chance to be a good offense and defense team.  We just have to piece all of our pitching together and if we do that then I think we have a chance to have a real good team in the spring time,” said Leggett.

The Tigers were one of the final four teams alive in Omaha and just one game away from playing for the national championship.  Has the momentum carried over into the fall?

“It gives us some experience that other teams don’t have, a lot of teams don’t have.  It’s a really positive thing that way.  It makes them hungry because they know how close they can be.  So we are very highly motivated to get ourselves back there again and make another run at this thing,” replied Leggett.

How does No. 7 feel about the pitching staff?

“Well we just have to get kids to step up.  Some kids are going to have to improve.  We have some guys that are going to have to step up into some roles that are going to be a little more prominant than what they were in last year.  We still have a lot of time to keep on developing these kids.  I think they are learning.  They are getting better.  I just think we have to get a little more consistent,” said Leggett.

In August the Tigers received a big boost when John Hinson and Jeff Schaus decided to return for another season.

“Two really good offensive players.  Two good defensive players.  Two good players for us.  They are guys that have extensive experience and they are kids that are really going to have a strong leadership for us this year and be a big part of our lineup.  It is a big plus having those guys back for sure,” said Leggett.

Freshmen will play an important role next spring.  How does No. 7 feel about what he has seen from the freshmen this fall?

“We have a lot of good freshmen.  We have some guys that given time will do a nice job for us.  John McGibbon has done a nice job for us.  Mike Dunster has done a nice job for us.  We have some young pitchers that I think are going to come along and get more confidence and get a little bit more consistency.  I think they will be real good for us before it is all over.  I am anxious to see what roles we can have those guys fill for us,” said Leggett.



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