Parker: Tigers Needed Win, Not Stats

Parker: Tigers Needed Win, Not Stats


Parker: Tigers Needed Win, Not Stats


Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker wasn’t concerned about offensive stats after the game, he was only concerned with the scoreboard.

“I don’t care if we won 3-0 and had zero yards on offense, it didn’t matter today.  We just needed to go out there and dow what we needed to do to win.  The biggest thing was that whenever the momentum came our way, we just took it on offense,” said Parker.

Kyle was glad to see his old teammate C.J. Spiller back in Clemson.

“It was really coold to have C.J. back today.  He came and talked to us last night, and you don’t really find a better guy than C.J.  The biggest thing that I noticed is that he’s still the same humble teammate that I played with.  He just came back and encouraged us,” said Parker.

It was Kyle’s arm that will his best weapon Saturday, but it was his ability to run the ball and make plays when things broke down.

“I had to make some plays with my feet.  It’s not going to go the way you draw it up every time.  You have to improvise and make plays and I feel like I did that and put us in position to win,” said Parker.

Watch Kyle discuss the victory over Maryland, the offense, his best game rushing the ball and much more!



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