Harper Critical on Key Drive

Harper Critical on Key Drive


Harper Critical on Key Drive


For much of last week the talk centered around a new role for Jamie Harper, but it was his play that helped the Tigers with their most impressive offensive drive of the game.

“I am just going out there and doing my job.  They dropped back into a cover three and fell off of me as far as that pass play.  I was able to get it and make a big chunk of yards, a big play.  On the fourth and one the coaches believed in us.  The offensive line was saying lets run it.  I just made up my mind lets go get it,” said Harper.

Jamie was glad to see the Tigers finally make the critical fourth and one play.

“Yeah, definitely.  On fourth and one you kind of hang your coach out to dry if you don’t get it.  He believes in us and we came up a little short before.  It felt good to get it, especially for a touchdown right before the half.  It felt real good,” said Harper.

The game was special for Jamie and Andre with Spiller in the Valley.

“He is always great to us, especially with Andre and me really looking up to him.  We are doing a lot of things the he kind of taught us.  So definitely it felt good,” said Harper.

What advice did C.J. have?

“He just told us to be the players that everyone knows we can be.  He just told us to go out there and make plays.  You can’t do nothing other than be a playmaker,” said Harper.

Will the confidence from the Maryland win help the Tigers as they move onto Georgia Tech?

“The confidence is always going to be there.  It is just a matter of putting it all together.  Today we put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and we came out with a victory like we knew we could.  As far as going to Georgia Tech those guys do a lot of different things.  We are going to get together and make this rally happen,” replied Harper.

Clemson will go into the Georgia Tech game with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder after the ACC Championship Game loss.

“Definitely, we kind of have a chip on our shoulder either way.  We always want to win, but we feel now like we have to win.  That is definitely our main focus,” said Harper.



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