Schaus: "We can be very good"

Schaus: "We can be very good"


Schaus: "We can be very good"


Clemson left fielder Jeff Schaus has been pleased with the teams progress during the fall.

“It has been fun.  We have some core guys back.  The new guys have meshed well and it has been fun playing,” said Schaus.

In August Jeff gave Tiger Nation and head coach Jack Leggett some good news when he decided to return to Clemson.

“It was an easy decision.  I wanted an amount of money and that is worth the Clemson experience.  Clemson is a great place and I would gladly want to come back,” said Schaus.

How good can the 2011 Tigers be?

“It is a lot of Ifs but I think we can be very good.  We have to work hard and mesh.  That is what it is all about,” replied Schaus.

Jeff and the Tigers hope to be one of the teams to play at the last year in Rosenblatt stadium and then make it back for the opening of the new stadium in 2011.

“That would be great.  That is our goal every year.  We played last year in the old stadium.  We would be real excited if we could make it back,” said Schaus.

Watch Jeff discuss fall ball, the 2011 Tigers, his return to Clemson and much more!


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