Rally Cat Report - Double Duty

Rally Cat Report - Double Duty


Rally Cat Report - Double Duty


By Nicole Smith.

Last weekend was quite the weekend with ‘Rock The John’, kicking off the start of basketball season, and a big Tiger win against Maryland! Both of these events were super exciting and they kept us Rally Cats busy from Friday afternoon into Saturday night!

Rock The John got Littlejohn pumped up on Friday night with many different appearances, games, raffles and performances.  The Rally Cats started the event with a fun pom performance to get the crowd excited and ready for the 2010-2011 basketball season. Dancing on the basketball court made us all anticipate the first basketball game and the excitement that fills Littlejohn each time the basketball teams hit the floor.

Since the first game is soon approaching, we have a lot of preparation to do before we step out onto the court to cheer on our tigers to their first win. Basketball season is a fun time for us Rally Cats because we get to show off our skills more often than we do during football season. Not only do we get the privilege of dancing during most of the timeouts, but we also perform a halftime dance routine at most of the home basketball games. We get the best of both worlds during basketball season, because we get to cheer on our Tigers and dance all in one! On the other hand, basketball season sure does keep us busy with 19 home games this season! We will be busy during these next few weeks at practice preparing for the halftime performances, sidelines, and bleacher cheers. All of us are incredibly excited for an amazing basketball season.

Last Saturday, the Clemson fans rocked Death Valley until the very end of the game to show the football team their support. The Tigers proved themselves after their two previous losses and they definitely kept the game exciting, and kept us jumping up and down with spirit. Not only did the Tigers have a successful day, but we Rally Cats also had a great day keeping our lines straight, having outstanding energy, and nailing our third quarter end zone performance! Everything about Saturday was great, including the weather, which we hope is just as nice when we take on Georgia Tech this Saturday at 3:30 pm. 

With the weather getting colder and midterms underway, this is a busy, busy time for the Rally Cats, but when we go to practice each night, it is a great time to put everything behind us and enjoy doing what we love and being with who we love. We keep our practices fun and exciting, while still managing to be very productive, and that is what makes us the great team that we are every time we step out onto the field or court!



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