Dabo Sunday Teleconference

Dabo Sunday Teleconference


Dabo Sunday Teleconference


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney held his Sunday teleconference where he discussed the big win over Georgia Tech and looked ahead to Boston College.

Opening Statement

The film was what I thought it would be.  We played a very well and executed on our game plan on both sides of the ball.  We are playing smarter.  That hurt us earlier in the year.  We are starting to play smarter and it is paying off.  I’m proud of the way we played.  We have a lot of respect for Georgia Tech.  We have had some tough battles.  To be able to win convincingly like we did was a great accomplishment for our team. 

We will watch the film tomorrow morning with the team.  There are always things we need to improve.

We have turned the page to Boston College.  It is a one-game season for us.  Our season this week is Boston College.  It is never easy going up to play there.  We know they will be very tough.  They had a chance to beat Florida State and Maryland and didn’t finish.  Those were two really tough losses for them.  We will have to continue to play well.  It is on the road and we have yet to win on the road.

How did you feel about the defensive performance Saturday?

It was tremendous.  We talked about doing a good job in the redzone.  We held them to field goal attempts.  We only had six missed assignments the whole game.  Guys really played with a swagger.  We contested everything and we tackled well.  I just thought the defense set the tempo the whole day.  Our defensive line was dominant.  The player of the game was our front four.  They played about as good as you can play.  They physically dominated and that disrupted everything.

Nesbitt is a great player.  He came in averaging 95 yards a game.  To rush the ball 15 times for only two yards, that is pretty amazing.  Another thing about our defense is that we are really starting to develop some depth and some confident depth.  Malliciah Goodman played a great game.  Meeks is starting to blossom into the player we felt he could be.  Kourtnei Brown really showed up Saturday.  I hope he will continue to do that.  Our linebackers played well.  Quandon played well.  Tig played well.  We probably should have played him more.  Carlton went in there and did some good things for us.

Will we see Andre Branch at linebacker more?

I doubt it.  That was kind of a game plan deal.  He is much more suited for defensive end and we only have three guys at defensive end.  Anything is possible, but right now I anticipate him staying at bandit, which is plays some linebacker as well.

How do you feel about the team right now?

We are where we are.  We are 4-3.  I am not really happy to be honest.  I wish we could go back and change a few of those plays.  We are only 18 points away from being undefeated.  This team has shown up every week.  They have learned how to practice and prepare each week.  They play with great effort.  We’ve been a team early in the year that found ways to beat ourselves.  We made some critical mistakes not playing smart.  They continue to play hard and believe.  They continue to listen to the right things.  Now they have started playing smarter.

We still have a lot of ball left to play.  Every game is critical from here on out.  We are taking it one game at a time.  We have a long way to go.  We are just a 4-3 team trying to get better.

The passing game showed improvement on Saturday.  With Boston College playing so well against the run will that be critical next week?

We want to have rhythm and balance on offense.  That was probably the best thing about Satruday.  It was a very good day.  Our playmakers stepped up and made some plays.  Nuke, Jaron,  Andre, Jamie and Dwayne  all made plays.  Kyle had another solid day managing the game.  He had no sacks and no turnovers. 

We want to be able to do whatever it takes to win.  The problem last week was we had six drops.  This week we threw and caught the ball better which allowed us to  have rhythm on offense.  We were better on first down and that allowed us to have our  best game of the year on third down.

Any injury updates?

Daniel Andrews is out.  In a couple of weeks he will have his surgery.  I don’t anticipate anyone else being out.  We have some guys that may be limited in practice tomorrow, but nothing that  should keep anyone out of the game.

How did Meeks play this week?

He played very well.  He played 41 plays and had 5 tackles and two pass breakups.  He’s getting more confident and playing fast.  He is starting to blossom a little bit.  I’m excited to see that.  He started the game Saturday. 

Will he start again this week?

I would say based on how he played Saturday that will continue.  We will see how he does in practice this week.  He performed very well.

Talk about the final drive when you ran the ball 14 straight times.

It was great.  There is nothing better than that to be honest. To be able to get it done when everyone knows whats coming. That is a step in the right direction. It means guys are paying the price. It was good to be able to finish.

It looked like Kyle really threw the ball well yesterday?

He did. He is one of those guys that comes in and always finds things to improve.   He played very poised, managed the game very well.  No. 11 is just getting better.   He is starting to get in that rhythm a little bit.  Having Nuke back is a guy he has confidence in.  He has been throwing well, but we hadn’t been finishing on plays.



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