McDaniel Can See Title Run

McDaniel Can See Title Run


McDaniel Can See Title Run


Clemson senior safety DeAndre McDaniel knows the Tigers will need to stop the leagues leading rusher, Montel Harris, if they want to win their first road game of the season.

“He is doing great this year.  He is averaging a lot of yards.  I think he is averaging 107 yards.  Our main focus going into the game is to try to  slow him down,” said McDaniel.

DeAndre believes the Eagles are getting better play at quarterback in 2010.

“There quarterback is playing a lot better.  They have a freshman but he is showing that he can do it.  There coach trusted him and he is going real good right now,” said McDaniel.

The impressive performances from Xavier Brewer and Jonathan Meeks on Saturday did not surprise the Thorpe Award candidate.

“I knew we had talent in the secondary.  I knew that our two deep was strong.  Anybody that was in can play on Saturday,” said McDaniel.

DeAndre is not concerned with the crowd on Saturday.

“We are going to go into it like just another game.  We don’t worry too much about the fans anyways.  We have to go out there and play for ourselves,” said McDaniel.

Does Harris compare with Clemson star running back Andre Ellington?

“He can hit the whole real fast, but I don’t know if I would compare him with Ellington,” said McDaniel.

Can he see the Tigers making a run to the title game like they did last year?

“I can see it.  The team is just starting to come together.  We started off slow, took a few losses and now we are just starting to get it together.  I feel like it is going to be hard to stop us,” said McDaniel.

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