Hopkins Ready for Super Bowl (BC)

Hopkins Ready for Super Bowl (BC)


Hopkins Ready for Super Bowl (BC)


The Clemson passing game is improving by the week.  One of the main reasons is the play of DeAndre Hopkins.

Where did the sideline catch rank among his all-time catches?

“It would be on the top because the corner that was covering me was a vet.  It was in a collegiate game so yes it was a pretty good catch,” said Hopkins.

The true freshman credited Kyle with putting the ball in the right spot.

“It was good coverage.  Kyle just put the ball where it needed to be and I came down with the catch,” said Hopkins.

After seven games Nuke can concentrate on making plays, not learning the offense.

“I feel a lot more comfortable.  I feel like I am going back to the basics of what I know.  I can just go out there and show my talents.  I have the offense down and I am a lot more comfortable,” said Hopkins.

Nuke doesn’t feel added pressure having to be one of the playmakers at receivers as only a freshman.

“It feels good.  I try not to put pressure on myself.  The less pressure allow me to go out there and play natural.  I knew when I came here it was going to be like that based on the receivers and the depth,” said Hopkins.

Watch DeAndre discuss the Boston College game, his increased role as a playmaker and much more!


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