Rally Cat Report

Rally Cat Report


Rally Cat Report


By Georgia Anderson.

It was such a great game day in Death Valley last Saturday as the Tigers took on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  The weather was perfect, the stands were full up until the very end, and we won!  Now, I am so excited about every game we win, but this one had me really jumping for joy.  My brother and dad are both Georgia Tech graduates, so needless to say I wanted nothing more than to brag about the Clemson Tigers dominating those pesky Yellow Jackets in Death Valley.

The victory over Georgia Tech was the second win in a row for the Tigers after their victory against Maryland the week before.  It’s great to see that the team is back on track and I have total confidence that they will continue their winning streak as they travel to Boston this weekend.  I’ve been so impressed with how many people I’ve heard are making the trip up to see them play and am so bummed I won’t be there.

It’s hard to believe that after this weekend there are only three games left in the season.  I can’t say I am ever ready for football season to end, and this season seems to be flying by especially fast.  With that being said, I hope everyone continues to support the team 100% through the last few games.  Our fans need to keep the stands full to the end of every game like they did this past weekend.  It really does make a difference.

As far as the Rally Cat agenda goes for the next few weeks, we will continue to perfect sideline routines, finish teaching dances to the new girls, and begin gearing some of our efforts towards the quickly approaching basketball season.  The first exhibition game is next Friday, and I hope to see a good size crowd!  Until then, I’m looking forward to seeing Clemson beat Boston College, and enjoying a little bit of Fall Break.


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