Boyd Expects to Play Against State

Boyd Expects to Play Against State


Boyd Expects to Play Against State


The big news out of Clemson today was the fact that Tajh Boyd should get some playing time this weekend against NC State. Monday, Boyd met with the media and talked about his meeting with Coach Swinney and what his role in the offense may be on Saturday. 

“I think you will see me on the field this weekend,” said Boyd. “I don’t know how much, but when I do get out there I will just have to take advantage of my opportunities. Coach Swinney and Coach Napier both told me I will get a chance. When the time comes, it is up to me to see what I can do with it.” 

One of the key things Boyd did talk about was the reaction to the team this season. “We have a lot of football left as a team. We can still end the season pretty well. It is not like it is the end. There’s a bunch of critics and stuff like that, but we have a very good team. I think we will be fine. We just have to keep working. 

The majority of Monday’s questions focused on how Boyd has handled this season and if it has been frustrating for him at all. Boyd said he was not at all frustrated with how things have worked out. “It has been great for me. I believe this has been the best thing for me, as far as redshirting last year and then how things have worked this season. It has all been crucial to my development and stuff like that. I have learned a lot from KP. He is a great quarterback and a great person. I wouldn’t change it for anything.” 

Boyd, who has attempted 14 passes this season in mop-up duty in Clemson wins over North Texas, Presbyterian, and Maryland, said he was not sure exactly how much playing time he would get against the Wolfpack or during practice this week with the first team. 

“Earlier in the season, I probably wasn’t really ready to take meaningful snaps. Every week I have been getting more and more comfortable. I am not sure about my role for this weekend. It could be a series. It could be every other series. It could be a quarter. Whenever the opportunity comes, I have to be ready for it. I think this week is big as far as preparing myself and I am just taking it as a challenge.  

No matter what amount of playing time he sees this weekend, Boyd hopes he can help play a role in changing around the Tigers season starting this weekend. “We just have to keep working and determine how we want to finish this season – on a good or bad note. I think we will pull together as a team and finish strong.”


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