TCITV: No Regrets for Parker

TCITV: No Regrets for Parker


TCITV: No Regrets for Parker


Kyle Parker faced a number of questions Tuesday afternoon from the media and he handled the situation with class as usual.

What are Kyle’s goals for the rest of the season?

“Obviously just to win.  I think we need to continue to try to get better every week and not pack it in.  I think there are some things we can still do to make this a good season.  We just have to go out every week and practice and play hard,” replied Parker.

How will not having Andre impact the offense?

“Obviously it is a huge blow to our offense.  He is one of the most explosive players on our team.  It is going to be tough with his loss.  At the same time there is nothing we can do about it.  We have to move on and someone is going to have to step up.  Hopefully it will create an opportunity for someone.  We will just continue to try to do what we can do,” replied Parker.

Kyle will have an opportunity to get some bragging rights for his future teammate of the Rockies, Russell Wilson.

“Yeah I guess there are a lot of bragging rights.  I already got him one time.  Maybe it will be 50/50 but I expect to get him twice,” said Parker.

Kyle confirmed what most people already knew, that this will be in last season at Clemson as he moves on to play baseball for the Rockies.

“Yeah, obviously I thought that was pretty known before the season even started.  Regardless of what happens the rest of the year I am not going to be back.  I think that was well communicated even before the season started,” said Parker.

What are Kyle’s thoughts on coach Swinney saying Tajh will get some playing time?

“To be quite honest with you I have had conversations with him the other day and what was communicated to me was that I give this team the best chance to win.  I take that as in I am still the guy and I need to do everything to prepare this offense and get these players where I think we are capable of winning.  Obviously I need to make some smarter decisions at times, but for the most part what is being said to me is I need to continue to prepare and continue to put the work in and to try to make plays out there,” said Parker.

Kyle does not regret the decision to come back.

“I have really enjoyed being around the guys.  Things aren’t always going to happen the way you want them to.  I think the biggest thing is you can’t just pack it in and quit.  It says a lot about your personality and character when things aren’t going the way you want it to if you continue to press and push through it.  Even if things don’t go the way I want for me I have learned a lot and will continue to do what I committed to this year,” said Parker.

Is Parker surprised at the talk about his play?

“I think you only hear what you listen to.  There could be a lot of talk about me but I think for the most part I am doing what I have been taught and what I am coached to do.  Whenever I sit down and look at that there is really not a lot I can change.  I continue to work hard and I think I have put in the work and tried to do what these coaches and players have asked me,” said Parker.

Kyle hopes Tajh does well when he gets his chance to play.

“I hope that if Tajh gets a chance he is successful.  I have done everything I can to prepare him to pass down knowledge of things that I have known because that is what you do if you are a player on a team.  You help the guy next to you.  I want him to do the best,” said Parker.

Kyle expects Wilson to be his teammate in Asheville for the Rockies.

“I think we are both going to end up in Asheville is what has been told to me,” said Parker.

Watch Kyle discuss the game with NC State, his starting role, his future and much more!



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