Napier: Tajh Much Improved

Napier: Tajh Much Improved


Napier: Tajh Much Improved


Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier met with the media Tuesday to discuss the Boston College loss and look ahead to NC State.

A lot of the questions centered around the plans to start getting red-shirt freshman Tajh Boyd more playing time over the final four weeks. 

Coach Napier believes Tajh has improved a great bit the past few weeks and is now ready to see the field more.

“One of the things that has happened the last three or four weeks has been that the Tajh has done a great job of practice and preparation.  He has really developed.  My comfort level with him, my staff and his teammates comfort leve with him and the way he is progressing contributes to the fact that he is going to get to play some here as we go forward.  The other part of that equation is that Kyle didn’t play well against Boston College.  I think the most important thing is that really the past few weeks we have been preparing for that.  I think we would have liked to hae been in a little bit less tight of a game where we could get him in there.  But we have been living and dieing with each play,” said Napier.

“I have been impressed with the kid and how he has handled his business.  Obviously Kyle has grown to have a great relationship with Tajh. Those guys have a good relationship and I think there is a comfort level there.  It’s not that big of a deal.   We knew and Kyle knew in terms of playing down in and down out that he gives our team the best chance to win.  But I also thing that Tajh has developed and he can maybe give our team a spark and give our team some energy.  He is a great leader and he is gaining the respect of our staff and his teammates so it is exciting for me to have a young player that I think can help our team.  Our plan will be to play him when we see fit and develop a package for him,” said Napier.

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