The Shaq Diaries - Shrine Bowl Announcement

The Shaq Diaries - Shrine Bowl Announcement


The Shaq Diaries - Shrine Bowl Announcement


By Shaq Anthony.

Shaq Anthony, one of the leaders of the 2011 recruiting class, is doing a diary for  In this edition Shaq discussed making the Shrine Bowl team, his thoughts on the Boston College game and much more!

My coach announced it after practice to the team on Wednesday.  He told everyone I had made the team.  That is when I found out.  I didn’t know until then. 

I give honor and glory to God.  I took a moment in the car and thanked him.  Everything I do is for him.  I don’t take anything for granted.

We played Laurens last week.  We should have blown them out.  We focused during the week.  We couldn’t stop their run.  We were making mistakes.  Our quarterback was hurt.  He tried his best to play for us.  When the line played good we made mistakes at receiver.  When they played good we had mistakes at quarterback.  We just didn’t execute very well.

We play Easley this Friday.  Easley is much better this year.  They say they are ready for us.  They are doing a pep rally tonight.  They have new jersey’s they have saved all year for this game.  They will be motivated.  It is the last time they will play on that field and it is senior night.  Just because of that doesn’t mean we will lay down.  We will be ready.

I didn’t get a chance to see the whole Boston College game.  What I did see I felt bad for the team.  Sometimes I feel like Clemson is playing like us and we are playing like them.  They had similar problems like their quarterback making mistakes.  Dabo said they didn’t execute like us.  You could tell they weren’t having fun while they were playing.  It was bad because after NC State won on Thursday night everyone at Clemson was so excited.  Words can’t express it.  I don’t understand it.

I don’t think from talking with the guys that anybody is not solid with Clemson.  I know everybody is still confident.  The biggest thing is there is just some inconsistency in there play.  People just see that they are not ready to play every week.  But they have a great recruiting class coming in this year.  They have a lot of young players and they are getting better.  Then with our recruiting class coming in that should help.

I talked to coach Scott last Wednesday before the game.  He was excited about it.  He said they had been working hard.  He was talking about Georgia Tech game and how they stopped Nesbitt for only two yards.  He talked about how great the offensive line played in that game.  He is excited about the class coming in.  All of the coaches are excited.

The season has blown by.  It is already time for the playoffs.  You can’t take anything for granted.  Enjoy it while you can.



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