The Season of Purple Pants Begins

The Season of Purple Pants Begins


The Season of Purple Pants Begins


By Nicole Smith.

With the semester halfway through, and only two more home football games left, us Rally Cats are getting ourselves geared up for the start of basketball season, which starts this Friday at 7pm with an exhibition game against Belmont Abbey.

Along with the new cheers that need to be taught and the new sidelines that need to be perfected, we also have new purple pants this season! Us Rally Cats have been known for sporting our purple pants during basketball season and when it gets cold during football season. Receiving our new purple pants at practice this past week was very exciting for all of us, because we knew basketball season was finally here!

Preparing for basketball games has kept all of us extremely busy with learning new routines and remembering the many cheers that are called during each game. The freshman Rally Cats will be able to sit and watch during the exhibition game, so they can see what it is like to dance at a basketball game, before they are actually thrown out on the court. Watching a game and seeing how everything is done, will help them next Friday, November 12th, so they will know what to do and where to go. Basketball season is very exciting for us Rally Cats, and we cannot wait for the freshman Rally Cats to be able to experience it!

Even though we have been focusing on preparing for basketball game performances, the team is still extremely excited to cheer on our football team at the last two home games of the season. This Saturday, November 6th, the Clemson Tigers will host NC State, and hopefully come out on top during this 12 noon kickoff game! As football season comes to an end, us Rally Cats cherish each time we are able to step onto the field and dance our hearts out, because each time the clock runs out on the scoreboard, it is one less time that we are able to dance in Death Valley.

The Rally Cats hope to finish football season on a good note, and begin basketball season with a win as well. We will be there every step of the way, cheering on our Tigers, enjoying ourselves, dancing to our best abilities and soaking up every second of every game! GO TIGERS!



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