Parker: Heart of a Champion

Parker: Heart of a Champion


Parker: Heart of a Champion


An emotional Kyle Parker met with the media following Saturday’s hard fought 14-13 victory over NC State.  After being benched in the first half, Parker came back with the heart of a champion to lead the Tigers to a much needed victory.

Kyle was 20-29 for 214 yards and one touchdown.

“If it could happen it happened to us and we still came back and won.  It has been that kind of year.  I think it speaks a lot about this team.  Things are going to happen and it would have been extremely easy, especially how this game started, for us to pack it in and go home,” said Parker.

The team never gave up even though many in the stands did after the poor start.

“Our guys never lost faith in one another.  We kept fighting and playing for each other.  We don’t have a bunch of quitters on this team.  We have a bunch of guys that are willing to do whatever it takes,” said Parker.

The Tiger locker room was full of emotion after the victory.

“Guys are excited.  Whenever you lose games the way we have it takes a lot of fun out of it.  So to go out and win and get on the good side for once makes things not feel as bad,” said Parker.

Watch Kyle’s talk with the media following the victory on TCITV:



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