Sunday Teleconference

Sunday Teleconference


Sunday Teleconference


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney held his Sunday teleconference where discussed the victory over NC State.

Opening Statement

We are getting ready to move on to the next one. This is another big one for us.  It is an opportunity to go on the road. 

Yesterday was a really good win for us.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was a W.  It was nice to be able to watch the film and say we didn’t do some good things but still found a way to win.  As opposed to seeing a lot of good things on film and not getting the win.  We have had a couple of those. 

I thought it was a great job of the guys just keeping on going.  We had a lot of opportunities to quit or whatever. They didn’t do that.  They played well.  We played great defense.

The defensive players of the game were DaQuan Bowers and DeAndre McDaniel.  They were both outstanding.   We really really played well as a whole unit.  We had great energy.  We are playing with a lot of confidence on defense right now.  That team was scoring 35 points a game.   Holding them to 13 points was quite an accomplishment and 63 yards rushing.  In the redzone we did a good job of holding them to two field goals.

We won the 4th quarter. That is something we talked about Friday night as a team.  I felt like it would be a close game.  Really our wins have not been very close.  We have not won the close games.  The biggest thing we talked about was winning the fourth quarter.  We did that offensively and defensively.  That was good to see.

Defense played very well, they handled adversity.  Offensively they didn’t quit.  They won the 4th quarter.  It wasn’t pretty but we found a way to score a couple of touchdowns.  I am really proud of KP for coming back and going 20-29 and hitting some big throws.  We did a good job on third down.  We hit on one fourth down.  Overall we played very hard.  The receivers are continuing to grow up.  They are not perfect.  We still have a lot to learn.  They are growing up.  We didn’t have any drops.  We had 14 catches by the wideouts.

Obviously the fumbles were really, really bad.  We had four sacks that we hadn’t had.  We just had some communication issues.  Things we want to get cleaned up going into this week. 

We are excited about going to Tallahassee.  We are getting ready to playing a good team.  We will have to play well. 

The offensive player of game was KP.  Jarvis Jenkins for the blocked kick and Dawson Zimmerman on a great, great play were special teams players of the week.

That is where we are.

Who will the kicker be this week?

I don’t know.  I will tell you on Thursday.  We will watch that very closely.  It has been a frustrating thing.  We will let all three battle it out and name a starter Thursday.

How frustrating was it watching Richard when he got his chance?

He just didn’t make the kick.  It is really that simple.  It is not complicated.  The first one was a low snap.  The ball was down, but he has to kick it through the uprights.  We will just keep going.  Richard could be the starter again this week. 

Now that you are only one game back in the division does that change the attitude?

Well it’s November and we do have a chance.  There is an opportunity out there. As long as you have a chance that is all you can ask for. 

For us it is about getting better, trying to win a road game and just take another step forward.  The only thing we can worry about is what we control.  How we prepare this week and how we play against Florida State.  All that stuff will work itself out.  We don’t have control over any of that.  Regardless of what happens in the conference we have the opportunity for a good strong finish.

Injury Updates?

It was one of our better games in a while.  We didn’t have any issues at all.  Everything came back pretty smooth.  Coach Steele checked out okay today.  Chavis looks better.  He is getting a spring in his step.  Kourtnei is doubtful for this week, but should be back for Wake.  Carlton should be back this week.  Jaron will be back.  He probably could have played Saturday in an emergency.

Kyle commented after the game about the young receivers playing faster.  Did you see that on film?

They are getting better. They are growing up.  They are playing faster and playing with more confidence.  As a result Kyle was player of the game and played very good.  If we hadn’t had the sacks we had more out there.  That is good progress.



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