Parker: "Should have been handled differently"

Parker: "Should have been handled differently"


Parker: "Should have been handled differently"


After being pulled from the game by the staff, Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker had one of his best games as a Tiger in helping the Tigers defeate NC State.

Kyle believes the quarterback situation could have been handled differently Saturday afternoon.

“The biggest thing is I thought it had been communicated to me that I gave our team the best chance to win.  In my opinion  I thought I was still playing well other than the poor decision on the interception.  Especially after I looked at the film I was still stepping up and making throws.  I think me being taken out of the game wasn’t really the issue and the rhythm.  It was really just how it was done.  After talking with the coaches the communication wasn’t there.  It should have been handled a little bit differently,” said Parker.

Is this the most Kyle’s head has spun one way or another in a game?

“You know not really.  Being at Clemson and being on different teams I have experienced some difficult situations.  Obviously it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go.  I knew if I got back in there I was going to make plays and do what I had to do in order to help the team win,” said Parker.

The Tigers gave up a three sacks on Saturday and against Florida State they face the team leading the league in sacks.  The Tigers have led the league for giving up the fewest sacks.

“Yeah we have.  I think the biggest thing is we will have to continue to execute.  Last week I kind of sat back there and held the ball and we could get some guys open.  I don’t think it was a bad job.  At times I had a lot of time to throw.  I think as long as we continue to stay on our game plan and know our coverages and our protections we will be fine,” said Parker.

Kyle is getting more comfortable with the new receivers who are getting better by the week.

“Yeah, I think we are getting on the same page every day.  Especially last game they did a really good job of playing fast and playing confident and playing within themselves,” said Parker.

Florida State should provide some opportunities to gain yards through the air as they are last in the ACC in pass defense.

“Yeah, without a doubt.  The biggest thing is to go through the progressions and recognize the guys that are open.  We looked at the UNC game the other day.  There are guys that are going to come open.  They have really good athletes on defense.  Just recognizing and taking advantage of their mistakes is how you will be successful,” said Parker.

Kyle looks forward to going home to play in Florida for the last time.

“Honestly it is exciting.  I have a lot of friends and family that are really close to there.  It is a big one for me, but I think it is also a big one for our guys and for our program,” said Parker.

Watch Kyle discuss the NC State game, the battle with the Noles, the improving receivers and much more!


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