TCITV: Billy Napier

TCITV: Billy Napier


TCITV: Billy Napier


Clemson offensive coordinator knows the Tigers will need to play their best game of the year Saturday to get their first road win.

The Noles lead the ACC in sacks, but coach Napier doesn’t expect a lot of blitzing.

“I think it is all down and distance, field position based.  I think they are a little less pressure team than they were last year.  When that field gets condensed.  In the redzone and certain down and distances you will get some heat,” said Napier.

Coach Napier knows the Noles have talent on defense.

“They are young, but they are also talented.  A lot of these guys played against us last year.  They have played a lot of ball.  They are a good looking group and they will present a challenge for our guys,” said Napier.

What have been the problems with scoring in the redzone?

“One of the things in terms of finishing drives with the way we have moved it as of late has been double digit play drives.  When we get down there we have to really keep our focus.  We need to grit our teeth.  We need some leadership to step up and talk about it on the field.  We have to have a little bit better focus and a little bit better execution.  We seem to shoot ourselves in the foot when we get down there.  And then you would also not have to drive the ball all the way down there in those small portions to get to the endzone.  We have to try to find a way to create some chunks and run it in from out more or throw it in from out more,” replied Napier.

Coach Napier believe Kyle played on of the best games of his career Saturday.

“Coaching Kyle I look back every week at his performance.  Saturday’s performance if you take away the interception and the fumble then that may be one of the best games of his career.  The incompletions that he had was the result of pressures or him having to move and somebody is not open.  When they were open he made the play for the most part Saturday,” said Napier.

Watch coach Napier discuss the win over NC State, the challenge facing the Noles and much more!



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