No Moral Victory for Steele

No Moral Victory for Steele


No Moral Victory for Steele


Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele was pleased with the effort of his defense in the loss to the Noles Saturday night.

“From a defensive perspective I thought the guys played really hard and battled the whole game.  It really came down to probably four plays.  An 11 yard run, a 14 yard run, an 8 yard run in the drive for the touchdown.  Basically they started running the option and cracking it with different guys.  We got over and got that corrected and that showed up in the next drive.  But then the fourth play that was a difference maker you have 2nd and 29 in two minute and we get a pass interference call.  Now it’s first and ten and they hit the 19 yarder,” said Steele.

Any thoughts on the pass interference call?

“I have got some,” replied Steele.

For the fifth game in a row the Tigers gave up one touchdown or less.

“Well they have really done a good job of keepign people out of the endzone but quite frankly you have to hold them to less than you get.  We need to hold them to one less than we get and that is our job,” said Steele.

Coach Steele was asked about the problems in the redzone on offense.

“I don’t have anything to do with that side.  You will have to ask…  I am a defensive coordinator.  I’ve got enough problems,” said Steelse.

Watch coach Steele’s press conference on TCITV:



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