Brownell Press Conference

Brownell Press Conference


Brownell Press Conference


By Trey McCurry.

Clemson head coach Brad Brownell talks about the Tiger’s victory over Wofford.

Overall Thoughts on the Game:

“This was obviously a very good win. This is one of those wins that probably looks even better in March.  [Wofford’s] a very experienced group and they play very well together. They have unbelievable poise and even when they got down, they weren’t going away. I thought our guys did a good job in the second half, continuing to find ways to score and execute. I was a little disappointed in our defense the last eight minutes. We needed to get more stops and try to pull away from them, but we couldn’t and that’s something we have to get better at. All in all, a very good win.”

On warning the team about Wofford prior to the game:
“I think our guys knew. We talked to them about that this is the type of team you face in a tournament game or a team you look at and know they are going to win a bunch of games in their league this year. They are a group that is very confident. Even if we smack them in the mouth early they weren’t going to give up. We got after them pretty good and played well early.  We made shots in the beginning and we got up by 16, but they were not giving up. The second half, they did get into a better rhythm and it was a little bit of a fight in the end.
On the play of Jerai Grant:
“He played really well.  His rebounding was outstanding, he got some big-time rebounds above the rim. It was disappointing in that he played well early and then got his second foul and had to sit the rest of the first half.  I thought he showed maturity coming back after that long layoff and played a great second half.”
On free throws improving from the first game:
“We didn’t do anything different. I would love to tell you I am some sort of guru, but nothing changed. One time when we brought them in the huddle we ended with ‘free throws’ and that was the extent of it. Fortunately, the guys made them tonight. They have been making them most of the year in practice and other games, we just didn’t shoot well in the first one.”
On learning more about his team today:
“We have to continue to learn to grind out games and execute in the half court and embrace these kinds of games. We played really well in our scrimmage, exhibition, and against Western Carolina. When things come easy for you, you almost get nervous in these type of games. I told the guys that this isn’t a team that on the first side you are going to get a lot of offense, it is going to be hard. They are older and experienced and are going to be in the right spot and not make many mistakes. You are going to have to be patient and move it to the second or third side and then try to score and we aren’t real good at that yet. We still need work in that area, but I thought we made some progress in the second half. I was just disappointed in our defense. We should have been able to get some stops and we committed some fouls and got spread out some. Some of that is a credit to their guys.”
On shooting 52% tonight:
“We scored well and shot the ball pretty well. We got off to a great start early and then didn’t shoot as well from the perimeter in the second half. It’s hard to shoot that well in most games and I think our big guys did a good job of getting some rebounds and finishing around the basket.”
On Tanner Smith:
“He has a better feel than most of the other guys in terms of moving without the ball and understanding what other guys should be doing and looking for other guys. He sees things immediately and makes the play the split second that he can. That is one of the reasons he is a good player.”


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