Bowers Undecided on Future

Bowers Undecided on Future


Bowers Undecided on Future


Clemson junior defense end DaQuan Bowers met with the media where he discussed the loss to Florida State, the mood of the team, his future and much more!

Dwayne Allen had compared the Tigers to the Dallas Cowboys.  DaQuan thought that was a good comparison.

“It is something like that.  It is always unbelievable this season.  The best team is sometimes losing.  Like our situation.  I think we were the better team during the season.  We just didn’t get the breaks we needed to win the games,’ said Bowers.

What has DaQuan told the team as one of the leaders to make sure there is no finger pointing?

“We all have our ways of dealing with things but as offensive guys they know they left things on the table.  As a defense we know we gave up a big score.  Special teams they have their own situations also.  There is not finger pointing by anybody.  We win together as a team and we lose together as a team,” replied Bowers.

What are the Tigers playing for now?

“We are playing to finish strong this season and carry the momentum into our bowl game.  Hopefully it will get the momentum going into next season for us,” replied Bowers.

Coach Swinney has talked about how the team is making progress and DaQuan agrees.

“The team is definitely making progress.  It has not shown on the scoreboard, but if you actually look at the film you can see where we are making progress.  The defense is only giving up five touchdowns in the last five games.  The offense is having 15 and 16 play drives and getting into the redzone but they haven’t been able to finish.  That is amazing the way they are playing on that side of the ball and amazing what we are doing on our side of the ball.  Hopefully we can put it all together and finish strong,” said Bowers.

DaQuan has not decided if he will want to be treated like a senior for the South Carolina game.

“I definitely have not decided.  Right now as far as I know I will be here at Clemson next semester.  After the season and after the bowl game I will sit down with my family and talk about my future and see what I need to do for the family.  I will just pray about it,” said Bowers.



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