TCITV: Kyle Parker

TCITV: Kyle Parker


TCITV: Kyle Parker


Kyle Parker met with the media Tuesday where he discussed the loss to the Noles, the redzone, the play of DeAndre Hopkins and much more!

How do the Tigers improve the redzone performance?

“It is a little mental now.  I think we have to continue to stay positive.  Keep the same mindset the whole drive instead of coming to the end and saying alright we have to score.  We just need to execute our plays,” said Parker.

Kyle understands that the staff will try to get Tajh more playing time now that the chances to make the ACC Championship are off the table.

“Yeah I could see that.  I don’t think there is a total plan to give up on this season and say we are playing for next year.  I don’t think that is anyone’s mindset on the team.  With that being said me especially have done a lot to help Tajh along because that is what you do on a team, you try to help out the guy next to you.  Honestly I think Tajh has come a long way.  He has grown a lot since he got here.  He understands the schemes and just understanding how to play the position of quarterback.  I will continue to try to pass things along to him and coach Napier will continue to work with him.  Once you in there a lot of things can happen to you at quarterback positive or negative.  As long as he matures and understands that he can learn how to deal with it,” said Parker.

Will throwing the ball down field more like the play to Hopkins help Dwayne Allen get open more?

“That play.  That was a busted screen.  We actually got lucky because our center was 35 yards down field.  I threw it and I was like I guess noone ran the screen.  I watched it on film and said if he had caught it and we had scored a touchdown if they would have called it or not.  But Dalton looked like he was running a post,” said Parker.


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