Napier: "I call the plays"

Napier: "I call the plays"


Napier: "I call the plays"


Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier discussed the loss to Florida State, the Wake Forest game, the redzone issues and much more.

Coach Napier will continue to try to find ways to get the Tigers to improve the redzone offense.

“I am going to try to do my best job to make sure we have a great plan when that ball crosses the 25 and go to work on it.  Ultimately the things we can control we will control.  That is what I am most concerned with,” said Napier.

Earlier in the year coach Napier had to answer a lot of questions about why Jamie was getting so many carries.  After Saturday’s performance by Jamie does that show why the staff has so much confidence in the junior running back?

“Jamie is a talented kid.  He is a tough kid.  He is a blue-colar kid.  I will put my name on him any day of the week.  He was very productive in the Auburn game.  He was very productive if you think back to the type of game he had against North Texas.  Saturday was a good example of the kind of kid he is and how hard he plays an how important it is for him to give his best to this team.  Obviously we would like to have Andre, but Jamie is very capable of carrying the load.  He has shown that,” replied Napier.

Coach Napier discussed who calls the offensive plays for the Tigers.

“Well I think it is like any program in America in terms of the input of the head coach.  The things he has seen in the game or he has looked over our plan and knows our plan.  But I call the plays and I don’t think it is any different than it is at any school.  You can ask anybody.  Most coaches have input within each play or each series however they do it.  There is some input from the head coach.  Coach Swinney is an offensive coach and he definitely has input into our plan within the game.  But I call the plays.  It is no different than it was last year when we were lighting the scoreboard up.  It is no different.  I think we have a great relationship,” said Napier.



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