Rallying Through the Holidays

Rallying Through the Holidays


Rallying Through the Holidays


By Nicole Smith.

Basketball season starts off strong with the Tigers bringing home two wins from their first two home games of the season. We, Rally Cats, have had an amazing time dancing as a team at these last two games, and we can’t wait for the many more home games to come! We have gotten the opportunity to perform during halftime at both of the games thus far in the season. Dancing during halftime is one of our favorite parts about basketball season because it gives the Tiger fans a taste of what our team is all about! Learning new halftime performances also keeps practice during the week fun and interesting, each of us look forward to performing a brand new dance that is full of high energy and tough technical elements. One thing is certain, us Rally Cats are always up for a challenge, and conquering the challenge of a new dance and performing it with perfection is what we are all about!

            As basketball season is underway, our practices consist of less sideline work, but more of working hard on our technique and new skills so we can use to choreograph dances that keep the crowd cheering and our dancing up to par. During practice there are many technique drills that we go through as a team. Turns and leaps are two elements of dance that our team is extremely strong at, so we are constantly trying harder turn combinations and more complicated leap series. As our technique improves our team is becoming a much stronger unit, and we cannot wait to begin our preparation for nationals!

            Although the holidays are approaching, our “rallying” does not stop! As a team, we will have to be back in Clemson the Friday after Thanksgiving in the early afternoon to start preparing for the many festivities that will be occurring the weekend of the big rivalry game, as the Clemson Tigers take on the Carolina Gamecocks! However, before the Saturday football game, there is an exciting basketball game Friday night (November, 26th) against SC State that the Rally Cats will be at with full energy and excitement as we hope to take down both South Carolina teams that weekend! Not only will our Thanksgiving break be cut a little short, but Rally Cats will be at every home basketball over Christmas break as well! We love supporting our Tigers, and traveling back for a Clemson basketball game doesn’t bother us one bit. It is all part of being a Clemson Rally Cat, and we all appreciate that honor every day!

            This weekend the Rally Cats will be watching anxiously as we hope to pull off a win against Wake Forest! You better believe that we will be shouting the cadence count and doing the Tiger Rag in front of our television sets! GO TIGERS!


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