Seckinger: "Clemson is home"

Seckinger: "Clemson is home"


Seckinger: "Clemson is home"


Earlier this week Clemson picked up a commitment from another one of the Palmetto state’s top receivers.  Learn more about the newest commit in this exclusive intervew.

Tuesday night Porter Gaud standout Stanton Seckinger decided he was ready to make a commitment  to the Clemson staff.

“I was actually at the hospital.  Our defensive coordinator has diabetes.  He was in the hospital last week and over the weekend.  I was visiting him in the hospital.  I have met with a family friend on Sunday that his helping me through the process.  After that I was pretty sure Clemson was the place I want to go.  I wasn’t sure when I would commit.  Tuesday when I was in the hospital NC State called.  I wasn’t going to pick up the phone in the hospital.   I said I would call back after I got out of the hospital.  When I got to the car I said I need to call NC State back.  I knew I wanted to go to Clemson.  I didn’t want to call and talk with the coach at NC State and then end up committing to Clemson in the next day or two.  I wanted to go ahead and let them know as soon as possible.  I talked to my dad and told him I was ready.  He told me to go ahead.  I sat in my car in the parking lot and called NC State and told them.  I tried to get the coach from Memphis to tell him.  Then I called Dabo and gave him the news,” said Seckinger.

Coach Swinney was glad to hear the good news.

“He was real excited.  He told me the way the call started he thought I was going to say I was going somewhere else.  He was excited.  He told me I would fit in at Clemson.  He talked about how I could help the team.  He was in the room with coach Jeff Scott, coach Brooks and coach Napier.  He passed the phone around and I talked with each of them.  Each of them told me how excited they were,” said Seckinger.

An impressive performance at the Dabo Swinney camp last summer helped land the offer.

“I signed up for the camp.  I didn’t know if they would offer or not, but I wanted to show them what I could do.  I wanted them to see my progress from last year.  Win, lose or draw I would be satisfied. I had a great camp. I felt real comfortable. Then at end of camp they said they would give me a greyshirt offer they explained how that would work,” said Seckinger.

The offer came as a surprise to the talented receiver.

“I wasn’t really expecting one.  Two days before Charone Peake had committed and Adam Humphries had committed right before that.  I wasn’t sure how many receivers they would take.  It worked out better than I had thought.  At the end when they offered it was awesome,” said Seckinger.

NC State got a serious look from the Palmetto standout.

“The two top schools I liked the most were NC State and Clemson. That was toughest thing. I committed to Clemson, but I have nothing bad to say about NC State.  Clemson is home to me.  I slept on that decision for a long, long time,” said Seckinger.

Will Stanton still be a greyshirt?

“They offered me as a greyshirt.  I will go in this summer.  If something happens with someone not qualifying they will keep me on and I won’t greyshirt.  They told me there is like a 90 percent chance that it will get changed.  I respect how Clemson was up front about everything,” said Seckinger.

Stanton hopes to be back in Death Valley one more time when Clemson battles South Carolina, but it will depend on the game time.

“I have been to two games this year.  I am hoping to go next week.  I hope the game will be at night.  I have to play in the Shrine Bowl in Charlotte at 1.  If the game is 7 or 8 I will drive down for the game after the Shrine Bowl,” said Seckinger.

The Porter Gaud standout has one more game left this season, the state championship.  The star receiver has put up impressive numbers his senior season. 

“Right now I have around 90 receptions for 1660 yards and 24 touchdowns,” said Seckinger.



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