Napier Honored to Be Candidate for Furman

Napier Honored to Be Candidate for Furman


Napier Honored to Be Candidate for Furman


Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier talked Tuesday afternoon about being a candidate for the Furman head coaching job.

“First off all I have a huge respect for coach Lamb and the time, energy and effort he put in trying to make that program successful.  I think they have been.  Having played there coach Lamb.  Coach Lamb being my position coach and my head coach my fifth year I have a great relationship with him.  Not only him, but his family and his staff.  For his family to have to go through that is a tough time.  The thing for me to say and comment on at this point is it is an honor to even be considered a candidate.  I haven’t had any discussions with the AD or the President.  My focus at this time has to be all on our players and our preparations for the game Saturday.  As we go forward there will be more I can comment on,” said Napier.

“Everything is preliminary.  It is not anything that has taken any steps forward at all.  You would be surprised how consumed you can get getting a team ready to play a football game.  Our routine is pretty set from a staff standpoint.  Since Sunday we have been clicking through each phase of our plan.  That has gone well.  I don’t expect it to be a distraction.  It hasn’t been for me.  It is in the back of your mind at times, but I am focused on getting our team ready, our offense ready and our quarterback ready to play,” said Napier.

How does it feel to be in your early 30’s and being talked about as a head coach?

“Well it is nice to be considered a candidate.  If you played there and you are in the coaching profession and something like this happened regardless of your age you would like to be considered.  That is an honor.  Furman obviously is special to myself and my wife went there as well.  There are some connections there.  It is nice to be a candidate.  But all that being said that is where we are at.  That is all that has been talked about.  It is early in the process,” replied Napier.

Does Billy plan to meet with them on Sunday?

“Whatever happens next is what I am going to do.  Whatever they want to talk about we will go from there.  That is really all I want to say about it right now,” said Napier.



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