Harper: This One Is for KP and Seniors

Harper: This One Is for KP and Seniors


Harper: This One Is for KP and Seniors


Jamie Harper’s performance will have a big impact on the outcome Saturday night in Death Valley.  The junior running back plans to send his long time friend Kyle Parker and the seniors out with a big win.

The Florida native has quickly learned the importance of the South Carolina game.

“Growing up it was all Florida State and Florida.  That was a huge rivalry.  Coming up here and getting a little taste of it my freshman year.  Sophomore year we went down there in that world and came up a little short.  The feel of the atmosphere is totally different verse any game as far as the fans are concerned.  It is real big,” said Harper.

Jamie doesn’t spend much time thinking about the fumble from last year’s game when the Tigers were driving to go up 14-0.

“No mainly just the loss.  You can’t really dwell on things like that.  If you think about that too much you lose confidence and things like that so no,” said Harper.

Winning this game will right a lot of wrongs for the 2010 season.

“Yes, definitely, especially for our seniors.  They are a big part of what we do.  To send those guys out with a big bang, especially with this win here in our own back yard.  It would definitely do good for the team,” said Harper.

Jamie and Kyle go way back.  What will it feel like to play with Kyle for the last time in Death Valley?

“It is going to be a different transition not having that guy around and goofing around with him.  Hats off to him.  He is doing big things with his baseball career.  To go back out and win with him as our quarterback one more time.  We are going to make it happen,” said Harper.

Jamie has averaged 125 yards per game on the ground and almost 40 in the air the last three games. 

“I am just being the player I am capable of.  Being in there more it is easier to feel the rhythm of the game.  To see how they play this technique, how they are blitzing and to see everything from the field perspective is a lot easier than just coming into the game,” said Harper.



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