Will Smith Enroll Early?

Will Smith Enroll Early?


Will Smith Enroll Early?


By Keith McGonigle.

2011 athlete commit Robert Smith just finished up an amazing high school career at Woodland High School and he will soon be a Clemson Tiger,

“Everything went good we were 9-3 but lost in the second round in the playoffs.  I had over 2000 yards passing, 29 passing touchdowns, 59.6% completions percentage, 1102 yards rushing, and 17 TDs rushing. That was really out of only 6 full games for 2 or 3 games I only played one quarter or half because we were blowing teams out.”

Robert is now getting ready for the North-South Game,

“They pick 45 players from the north and south and we go spend a week in Myrtle Beach and practice.   I’ll be playing quarterback and a little defense.  They already said I can play a bunch of different positions.  It will be cool to see [Clemson QB commit] Tony McNeal he is on the north team, we talk a good bit when we see each other.  A lot of people there are going to do interviews and stuff and a lot of people are going to convince you to go to different schools but I’m not going to worry about it because I am there just to have fun.”

The 5’10” 200 lbs standout started since he was a freshman and had a huge impact while at Woodland,

“I will miss playing in front of people I grew up with and around.   Our high school was never that good and we hadn’t made the playoffs for a long time.  When I got there we went to the playoffs four consecutive years.  It was good to see the community rally around the team.   I know a lot of people are going to be watching for me at Clemson.”

Robert says he has been considering enrolling early at Clemson but there are positives and negatives for the decision,

“I play basketball and baseball so it would be hard to give it up.  I am currently playing basketball now so it would be tough to leave the team. Giving those things up would be the hardest thing and adjusting to college life right out of high school would also be hard. The positive would be getting a head start on the other people in the class, and that could be the difference between being red-shirted and not red-shirted.”

What does Robert think of Clemson’s recent play?

“They had a tough season.  In the games they have lost they were not getting blown out.  Every team they have played they have kept it close other than the Miami game but there were a lot of mistakes in that one.  They have a really young team still with DeAndre Hopkins, and Bryce McNeal, Jaron Brown at receiver and a lot of younger guys on the team.  They remind me of South Carolina’s team from last year, they were really young and this year they have done well and they won a lot of those close games.”


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