Hughes: "I love Clemson"

Hughes: "I love Clemson"


Hughes: "I love Clemson"


Travis Hughes, one of the top linebackers in the nation, took his official visit to Clemson over the weekend.

“It was a good visit, real good.  I am actually finally getting back.  There has been lots of traffic and we are still on the road,” said Hughes.

What was the highlight of the visit?

“The game experience was awesome.  The whole trip was really good.  I had a great talk with coach Swinney.  The highlight may have been the talk with coach Steele,” replied Hughes.

Coach Steele made a big impression on the prize recruit.

“I love to talk to him.  He is really an inspiring type of guy.  He is passionate about everything he does.  His track record with putting linebackers in the NFL is impressive.  I didn’t know how many he had put in the NFL.  That was impressive,” said Hughes.

How did Travis rate the visit on a scale of one to ten?

“I would give it an eight man,” replied Hughes.

The Tigers are firmly in the final four for the top linebacker.

“Clemson is real high.  I love Clemson.  They are in my top four with North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia Tech.  I don’t have a leader right now,” said Hughes.

Over the next three weeks Travis will work towards his final decision. 

“I am going to announce on December 18th,” said Hughes.

Tajh Boyd goes way back with Travis.   All the way back to the Pop Warner days.  Tajh did his best to sell Travis on the Tigers over the weekend.

“I got to see Tajh Saturday night after the game.  We hung out.  I saw him every day.  We ate dinner with him and the team Friday night.  I ate breakfast with Tajh and the team Saturday,” said Hughes.

Tajh’s performance Saturday night impressed his good friend.

“I love Tajh man.  I was happy he got his chance to shine.  That is going to be his team,” said Hughes.

The Tiger’s top ten recruiting class has impressed the Virginia standout.

“It is awesome.  It is all about the coaches.  Coach Swinney is going a great job.  The confidence he has is really impressive.  That is why they got all those boys even though they didn’t have a good season.  Clemson has a lot of upside,” said Hughes.



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