Letter from Carl Parker

Letter from Carl Parker


Letter from Carl Parker


Just felt a need to write this for your board.  My computer skills seem to escape me and can’t get on the board.  The Parkers feel very fortunate to count Robert as one of our friends.  In all of our dealings (and there are many) with media types, there are fewer people that I have encountered that possess the character and integrity that he does. He has shared his resources and abilities to assist us with more charitable endeavors that I care to remember.

In addition, I have spoken with him on more than one occasion where he was more concerned about saying something that was not appropriate than he was with making a dime.  In addition, I do not think that there is one media person that I have encountered over the last 5 years while here at Clemson that loves Clemson the way that he does.  Don’t crucify Robert for having an opinion of Kyle or our family because he has a lot of experiences to draw on when formulating his opinion.

However, I digress, that is not the purpose for this email.  As parents, you do the best you can to raise your kids with standards and values that you are proud of.  You take MOMENTS and you use them to teach and mold your children.  In addition, as they grow and mature, these opportunities are harder to come by.  They become their own conscience.  You hope and pray that you have done it right.   As they embark on the world you have a chance to see their actions and merely observe.

I can honestly say that I am extremely proud of the way that Kyle has represented the Parker name while he was here at Clemson.  He has conducted himself in such a way that any parent would be proud of.  You have not read his name on police blotters for public intoxication, DUI, or battery.  Quite the contrary, you have seen him give of his time, money and effort to help kids whenever he could. He has juggled 2 major sports for over 3 years while juggling a full academic load. That in itself is amazing as some kids seem to have a hard time staying in school while playing no sports at all.  I guess the icing on the cake is that he accomplished so many things on the field of play at the same time.

Now the tough part.  He is not perfect!  He doesn’t do everything right!  Did he react  to Coach Swinney the way that we as parents would have liked for him to after he was pulled from the game Saturday.  Absolutely not!  However, having been in that environment as a player and coach, I can tell you it is intense!  It is not for the weak!  Emotions are high and things are said and done that test even the best of people. But the same emotion and fire that is your worst enemy at times is your best friend at other times.  It makes you the competitor that achieves.  But it was a MOMENT, it does not define his character!
The only problem is that it is in front of hundreds of thousands of people that see it and use it to  define him.  God only knows how we all would react whenever we are dealing with life, it is not on a stage for everyone to see.  Kyle will learn from this moment and be better for it.
The real problem that I have is whenever journalists take it upon themselves to establish this as the identity of your character.  As I have always told Kyle “Football (Baseball) is what you do it is not who you are.”  Regardless of what attempts are made to discredit who you are, your body of work speaks for itself.  The only thing that I ask of all TIGER fans is to look at the whole body of work, not just the moments.  As Kyle leaves Clemson we know that we are better for having been a part of this great institution. We only hope that we have made this place better for having been here.
Carl Parker



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