The Shaq Diaries - Best Decade Coming

The Shaq Diaries - Best Decade Coming


The Shaq Diaries - Best Decade Coming


Clemson verbal commitment Shaq Anthony, one of the leaders of the 2011 recruting class, is doing a diary with  In this edition Shaq discusses his final game in Death Valley as a fan, the reunion for the 2011 class and the future of the Tigers!

I enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere, but no so much the game.  I had a good time.  We had a lot of the committed recruits in for that game.

It was the last time I would watch a game from the stands at Clemson.  The next time I will be out there as part of the team.  I tried to take it all in and enjoy the experience.

I hadn’t really met Goodson before.  I got to meet Cole Stoudt for the first time.  I had met Marlin last year, but hadn’t seen him in a while.

It felt great to get everyone together.  It made me feel like it is almost time for our class to come in and get going.  The time is counting down for us to arrive.  We are already building relationships.  It makes us feel good about what will take place in the coming years at Clemson.  We are real confident that  this class can make the difference.

In the beginning of the game everything was great.  DeAndre Hopkins caught that touchdown and things were good.  I am not sure what went wrong after that.  They got the blocked punt and the interception and things turned around.  The defense definitely did well shutting down Marcus Lattimore, but they couldn’t stop Alshon.  It hurt when the offense couldn’t score.

We have like four Alshon’s coming in next year.  You already have Hopkins doing a great job as a freshman.  The receivers coming may not all be Alshon, but they will all be great players.

I am really excited about the Shrine Bowl.  I have been counting down the days.  I will be reporting on Saturday.  I will get to hang out with those recruits.  I will get to put the pads on one more time in high school.  I get to go out and play against some great competition.

I really appreciate all of the recruits have stayed firm.  Nobody has given an inch to any of the reporters.  We have all stayed firm the whole time.  It will be one of the best decades for Clemson football.  I am really excited about the top five class.



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