Bowers NFL Scouting Report

Bowers NFL Scouting Report


Bowers NFL Scouting Report


By Keith McGonigle.

DaQuan Bowers has already won several national awards for his great 2010 season. brings you an NFL Scouting Report on the junior defensive end.

Size / Strength:   10 – Has excellent strength … manhandles lineman and does a great job fighting through double teams…. can gain or lose weight depending on the system he plays in.

Speed:   8 – great quickness…quicker than he is fast… does a good job in pursuit.

Production:  8 – Had only 4 sacks coming into his junior year, but absolutely dominated in his third year, leading the country with 15.5 sacks and2nd in tackles for loss with 25.  He was double-teamed and chipped all year but still was able to put up great numbers.

Intangibles: 8 – Admitted he didn’t put in the work he needed to his first two years…excellent junior campaign… great motor.

Run / Pass Skills:  9 – Excels against the rushing the passer and stopping the run… good job staying at home and reading the play…very strong at the point of attack… can use both bull and speed rush moves against opposing lineman… ends up on the ground too much

Best fit: A 4-3 base defense with a coach that will get the most out of his tremendous talents.

X-Factor: What underclassmen will come out in the draft.  There are a lot of talented juniors (including Bowers), where he is drafted will depend a lot on what other defensive ends and playmakers come out.

Where he will be picked: Top 10. Every team in the NFL can use another pass rusher (the Giants seem to get one every year).  Guys that can get after the quarterback have become a wanted commodity in the NFL (at least one DE has been drafted top 10 the last 5 years).  It is still early to predict, but after the year Da’Quan just had, it would be shocking to see him fall out of the top 10.

Where he should be picked: Top 5, extremely talented player that has had the NFL size and skills set since day one in college.  He learned how to take over a game and dominate in his junior year.  His ability to be effective against the run and pressure the quarterback with different pass rushing skills will make him a pro-bowl player at the next level.  Although most lineman struggle to make an impact their rookie year, I would not be surprised to see Bowers make plays right away.  
NFL Comparison: Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs



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