Holtz: Both Teams Three Plays Away

Holtz: Both Teams Three Plays Away


Holtz: Both Teams Three Plays Away


South Florida head coach Skip Holtz met with the media after Tuesday’s practice at the Carolina Panthers practice facility.  Coach Holtz says the two teams are very similar.

“When you look at both teams, both teams have been in very close games.  We are probably both three plays away from playing in a BCS bowl and we are both probably three plays away from being at home right now,” said Holtz.

The snow has been a big hit with the South Florida team this week.

“For a lot of  them it is a great experience.  For many of them it is the first time they have seen snow.  They have handled it really well and the weather is supposed to be really nice on Friday,” said Holtz.

Coach Holtz says South Florida will go with both quarterbacks this week.

“Right now we are going with both.  We are splitting time with both in practice,” said Holtz.

Watch coach Holtz discuss Tuesday’s practice, the snow, the Tigers and much more!



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