Parker Brings Own Cheering Section

Parker Brings Own Cheering Section


Parker Brings Own Cheering Section


Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker will play his final game as a Tiger Friday and he will have his own fan section. 

Have you ever had a press conference in a pizza joint before?

“No I haven’t.  I was smelling the pizza earlier and I was thinking they were cooking pizza for breakfast earlier,” said Parker.

How has he enjoyed the week in Charlotte.

“It has been really fun.  I have enjoyed being here with my teammates.  We had some cool activities to do and the practices were good so it has been an enjoyable time,” said Parker.

What has been the highlight of the week?

“The NASCAR thing was extremely fun.  I could go do that every day,” said Parker.

Kyle will have a big cheering section Friday as the kids from PowerCross come to the game.  Kyle bought tickets for ten of the kids and the family collected donations for another 20 to come.  The kids will get a tour of the facility before the game and they will have tokens to get some food at the stadium.  Kyle and his parents non-profit organization Athletes to Champions has worked with the kids for the past three years and the kids have become Kyle’s biggest supporters.  Last year Kyle hit homeruns at UNC Charlotte and Wake Forest when the kids were in attendance so he is hoping for another strong performance on Friday.

“It is always fun to get those kids from my mom’s charity to come out and enjoy it.  They don’t get things like this in their life very often at all.  It is always great to give back and give those kids a good experience,” said Parker.

Over the past three years Kyle has grown very close with a number of the kids from PowerCross.

“Oh yeah without a doubt.  I know pretty much all of them.  Some of them text me sometimes.  It is always nice to try to be a role model and try to give back.  Any time you are in the position I am in you have to give back,” said Parker.

Kyle said he expects to pickup a bat within the week to start working towards his future in professional baseball.


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