TCITV: Napier Talks South Florida Loss

TCITV: Napier Talks South Florida Loss


TCITV: Napier Talks South Florida Loss


Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier spoke with the media following Clemson’s 31-26 loss to South Florida.

The Tigers struggled to run the ball against the Bulls.

“We couldn’t get much going.  We had trouble with their front four.  Overall we didn’t do the things we wanted.  The credit goes to South Florida.  I will know more when I look at the film,” said Napier.

What did he think of Tajh’s performance?

“Well the ball sailed on him a little bit on the interception.  It was the right decision and he was throwing to the right guy.  The ball just  sailed on him.  The biggest thing for him was you saw that the cat can play.  Once he got in that mindset that he was going to do what he needed to do and put our team in position to win he did a lot of good things.  I was pleased for a red-shirt freshman to go in there and make the best of the situation.  He has a lot of growing up to do and today was a part of that process,” said Napier.

Brandon Ford has two late touchdowns for the Tigers.

“We have felt like Brandon was going to be a player from what we have seen of him on the practice field.  That move has been a really good move for him and it has really helped our team.  It has created some depth at that position.  I think after a good offseason he is really going to have a chance to be a good player,” said Napier.

Thoughts on Kyle Parker’s final game.

“I think he did some good things today.  I am glad for the kid he had some positive experiences today.  He went in there and we scored some points when he was in there.  He was injured.  It was the same rib area.  He came back to play and battled his butt off today.  He got hurt today, but I will remember the positive things that Kyle Parker did for Clemson,” said Napier.

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